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Nudge is a patent pending technology that enables the "buy now" experience from TV. 


what’s nudge?

Nudge drives sales from video across the CTV / OTT landscape. 

Through patent pending technology we enable any call to action, on all types of video - ads, product placements and live events.

Real time reporting and analytics provides unprecedented cross device analytics and attribution, all starting from the TV.


How can nudge Help?



In working with leading DTC brands, as well as performance agencies, we’ve seen a 40% click through rate from viewers that engage and a 15% purchase rate. 

These incredible results are combined with an attribution model that is roughly 2.5x more effective for TV.

You’re already running ads, why not add a call to action? With Nudge you’re only paying when it works.


Product placements

Don’t just be in the show, drive incremental revenue from the show! With +40% site wide Q/Q sales lift and +500% sales lift on specific items in the show.

Real time reporting means you know when viewers have engaged with products and you have the data to move them down the funnel.

Now you have an answer to “what do I get for having my products in the show?”


Live events

Live events have always driven the most viewers, now you can move them to engage.

Let viewers shop the red carpet look, buy the jersey of their favorite player when they score, or bet on the next play. 

Contextually based call to actions means you have the flexibility to offer the right product to the right viewer at the right time.


The Results

A, B to Z testing to better understand what call to action works for what viewers.

Target specific devices, geo’s, cohorts, etc. with individualized offers.

Everything is optimized through our dashboard with real time reporting and the ability to integrate into other systems.


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